Haunted Places to Visit While in Los Angeles

Do you want to spend your vacation in a cool city and also check out some spooky attractions? LA is the spot! The city of Los Angeles has several haunted places that will give you the goosebumps.

Oh… California! What a magical place full of positivity, beautiful beaches, and… ghosts? Yes, ghosts! Los Angeles offers many haunted experiences for the brave. Here are some of the places you can visit and even stay at (if you dare to!)

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Photograph: Courtesy of Haunted Places In America

Monroe actually lived in the hotel before and has been seen standing in the famous mirror of suite 1200. Clift has been heard multiple times in the room 928 – where he lived for three months for the purpose of filming “From Here to Eternity” – practicing on his trumpet.

“Guests have asked the hotel staff to tell the person in the next room to stop playing in the middle of the night,” says Carradine, president and co-founder of Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles (GHOULA).But the room was actually vacant.”

Inside, lights and faucets are known to turn on and off on their own and the switchboard gets calls from vacant rooms.

Click here to check more information on how to book a room or visit the hotel.  

Hotel Cecil

hotel cecil
Photograph: Courtesy of Vice website

Another hotel in the area, this one is Downtown Los Angeles, is the Hotel Cecil. Many suicides, murders, and mysterious disappearances have taken place there. 

Among the sinister things that have happened at the old hotel: Serial killers Richard “Nightstalker” Ramirez and Jack Unterweger stayed there and the decomposing body of a woman who had been missing for three weeks turned up in the water tower. 

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Pasadena’s “Suicide Bridge”


Photograph: Courtesy of Paranormal Encounters


Many who doesn’t know about the history of this bridge may think it is just a nice looking Colorado Street Bridge. But since a few years after its construction, the bridge became known as “Suicide Bridge” due to all the suicide reports during the 1930’s. Several ghosts haunt the bridge and it is quite rare passing by there without experiencing some paranormal activity.

President and co-founder of GHOULA, Carradine, had his own spooky brush with the bridge. 

“It was night time, and I was walking with a friend in the tunnel underneath the bridge,” he recalls. “There’s a series of six lights illuminating the path, and as we passed the first light, it went out. The second light went out as we passed. Each light went out as we passed by. By the time we got to the end, it was just total darkness behind us.” – Carradine. 

If you are brave enough, grab some friends and check out the bridge, located in 504 W Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91105. 

Silent Movie Theater

Photograph: Courtesy of Strange Strange Strange

The “Cinefamily”, called before Silent Movie Theater is haunted by its owners’ ghosts! In this interesting story, the theater’s opener John Hampton loved to preserve silent films – by using toxic chemicals – that eventually gave him cancer. Lawrence Austin reopened the theater in the early nineties and during one night in 1997, while visitors were watching a movie, he was fatally shot in the lobby by his lover/projectionist.

Hampton regularly haunts the upstairs lounge, where used to be his and his wife apartment for over 45 years, while Austin covers the lobby.

If you to check out the movies currently being shown, call the venue at +1 (323) 655 2510.

If you are not about all this paranormal activity and are just looking for a good time, the city of Los Angeles has something for all types of public. From museums and piers to theme parks and the Walk of Fame, you surely will find great things to do in LA.

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Don’t forget to also visit all the amazing restaurants you can find during your journey!

Hope to see you here in the City of Angels… and Ghosts.

– Gabrielle Carvalho, Communicators’ Director Assistent.


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